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Expecting Parents

Whoa Baby! Embark on parenthood's joyous journey with our expert guidance

Parent Checklist

Parent Checklist

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Prenatal Visit
Secure a free prenatal meeting with your pediatrician before your baby's arrival, either in-person or over the phone. Ensure a good fit, ask questions, and gain peace of mind. This visit is optional but highly recommended.

Where Will You Deliver?
Our doctors are on staff at these hospital nurseries: Olathe Medical Center, Overland Park Regional, and AdventHealth Shawnee Mission. When the baby is born the staff at the hospital will notify us of your delivery and our physicians will see the baby within 24 hours.  If you are not planning to deliver at one of these locations, you can still follow up with us after you are discharged. Just call prior to your hospital discharge to set up an appointment.

Check With Insurance
We recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm that Preferred Pediatrics is in-network. This will help ensure a seamless connection between your new baby's needs and our dedicated care.

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Expecting A Boy?
Have you thought about circumcision? This is a great topic to discuss at your prenatal meeting. Expecting a boy? Explore circumcision considerations in our collaborative prenatal meetings. We respect diverse choices, providing information and support tailored to your family's values. Schedule a meeting for personalized guidance on this and other parenting topics.

Feeding Plan
Many variables can affect your feeding plan after you deliver. It is good to be prepared whether you are planning to breastfeed, bottle feed, or a combination of the two. Our office is Certified Breastfeeding Friendly and our clinicians can help navigate your breastfeeding experience - both in the hospital and at home. If additional lactation support is needed, we can connect you with a lactation specialist for personalized assistance.

Order Your Breast Pump
Contact your insurance provider to order a breast pump in advance, ensuring it's ready when your baby comes home. We can provide guidance on the process and assist you with the completion of any necessary documentation for a seamless experience.


Parenting is a journey of love, patience, and discovery. Embrace the moments, learn from the challenges, and cherish the extraordinary adventure of raising a tiny human.

- Dr. Patch

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