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Helping you navigate the nuances of insurance to ensure clarity and peace of mind

Tips for a Great Experience

Ensuring a seamless experience, we kindly request that you provide accurate insurance information during each visit. Please be aware of your responsibility for copays, co-insurance, and deductibles. In the event of incomplete or inaccurate insurance details, you may be held responsible for associated fees. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in maintaining the efficiency of our services.

What to Expect

For your convenience and to streamline your visit, please bring your photo ID and a copy of your current insurance card on every office visit, even if you believe we have it on file. Kindly inform us of any changes to ensure accuracy. As a courtesy, we will handle the insurance filing process on your behalf. Payment is expected at the time of service if insurance information is unavailable or inactive. Please note that we do not process insurance claims for liability cases such as car accidents or injuries at school. You will receive an itemized bill along with the payment receipt for submission to your insurance company.

Insurance Providers

While we accept a reasonable range of insurance plans, the complexities within each provider may lead to variations in coverage outcomes. We recommend contacting your insurance company directly to confirm the specifics of your coverage. Additionally, we welcome any inquiries and encourage you to reach out for a conversation. Call us, and our team will strive to assist you in navigating and understanding your individual insurance situation.

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